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Check tyres to the right air pressure

The main function of a tyre is to carry the load of the car. Therefore, it is vital that correct air pressure is maintained. Over-inflation will cause rapid and irregular wear. Under-inflation will damage the tyre structure leading to possible accidents. Improper air pressure will not allow the tyre to function within its design. Drivers should follow the recommended air pressure from the vehicle manufacturer as listed on a sticker located on the vehicle's door jamb, glove box door or in the owner's manual.


Ensure tyre tread depth

Most new tyres have about 8-9mm of tread pattern when manufactured but when the tread wears down to less than 1.6mm, the tyre may be unsafe to use in wet conditions and should be replaced as soon as possible. Tyres have indicators in their tread pattern which show as lines across the tread when reduced to 1.6mm.

Inspect tires monthly

Knowing what to look for is only useful if you actually take the time to look. Get in the habit of frequently inspecting tires for proper inflation, damage or wear. If something doesn't look right, take your car to a tire dealer for closer inspection.

Replace tires properly

If you only replace two tires at a time, mount them on the rear axle. Otherwise, your car could lose rear traction in the rain and spin out.

Avoid "mixing" tyres

It is advisable to avoid mixing different brand tyres on the same axle due to varying construction styles. It can also be dangerous to mix tyres of different sizes or aspect ratios. You should consult a qualified tyre technician for advice.

Avoid hard braking and sudden acceleration

Tyres may wear quickly if consistently subjected to hard braking or rapid acceleration.

Proper alignment is important

Have your car's suspension re-aligned when you buy new tires, if you notice uneven wear or if it has been a while since your last alignment. A suspension that is not aligned properly can wear out new tires after only a few thousand miles and adversely affect gas mileage.



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